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Bural tote bag

Take your Dubrovnik afternoons with you, wherever you go

Bural is a Dubrovnik-based brand for textile and home accessories. Born in Dubrovnik, Bural is true to its name which – in Dubrovnik’s local dialect – means chest or drawer.

Bural gathers exclusive Croatian crafts, designers, and factories to produce a collection which includes various kitchen accessories and textiles. All Bural products are made from sustainable and eco-friendly organic cotton. Their versatile design guarantees they are the attractive, welcome and useful additions to any kitchen.

This year’s collection features a selection of placemats, tote bags, kitchen towels, aprons, oven gloves, pot holders and bread baskets with the stylized motifs of Dubrovnik. Bural textile and home accessories are infused with the spirit of Dubrovnik: eternal, yet modern. Along the same lines, Bural products bring together the timeless charm of Dubrovnik, Croatian tradition of organic cotton reusable kitchen linens and the state-of-the-art craftsmanship and standards.

Peek into Bural’s treasure chest and pick your own Dubrovnik moment for your kitchen and dining room.