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Conditions of sale and delivery


Your order will be processed after you go through the check-out procedure and payment is done.

If you choose COD payment, it will be processed immediately after you finish the check-out.


All payments will be effected in Croatian currency. The charged amount on your credit card account is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations.

1. Cash on delivery (COD):
The cash on delivery service guarantees the secure payment. Parcels labeled “cash on delivery” are only handed over to the recipient against payment for the goods.  In case a receiver is not able to receive the shipment at the stated delivery address at the moment of delivery, a deliverer will leave a notice, notifying a receiver about the arrival of the shipment.
This option is dependent on the delivery address and cannot be executed for all the orders.

2. Payment cards
We accept single payments with American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners and Maestro.

We use WSPay payment gateway. WSPay is a secure online payment system. WSPay enables secure data collection and transfer which confirms its PCI DSS certificate. WSPay uses 256bit SSL certificate protocol.

Bural doesn’t collect or store credit card numbers.

3.Payment by transfer
If you choose payment by transfer, you will get an email containing sales invoice with all the data necessary for transfer, including the bank account where you will pay the order sum into. Payment can be effected via net banking or by other ways such as paying via postal service, bank, and other financial institutions or agencies.
After receiving your payment, we shall begin to process your order. Since the dates of submitting of order and actual payment can be different, a delivery date can be consequently delayed.


Price of delivery will be calculated after you enter a delivery address.

Your order will be delivered via HP Express or EMS service, according to their terms and schedules. Once the shipment is dispatched, you will receive a tracking code number.

You can collect your order in person, in our flagship store at 17 Od puča Street, in Dubrovnik.

In case of orders that are not delivered by the above-listed means, we’ll mail you all the details, before the actual charging and shipment.

For the administrative reason, Bural web shop calculates shipments only in EU. For deliveries outside EU, please contact us on



In case you reach a conclusion that for some reason you are not satisfied with the bought product, we kindly ask you to contact us within 14 days from receiving the said product i.e. from the date of receiving the last product on the order, and to follow the below-listed steps:

Send us notification comprising the number of order, the number of the invoice and the content of your complaint at

Depending on your complaint/reclaim and the actual described reason of dissatisfaction with the product, we will send you a notification comprising:
• the possibility of replacing a product
• the return of payment
• the refund
• and other information related to your complaint/reclaim

In the cases of replacement or the return of the product, after reaching an agreement with you, we shall dispatch courier at your address, with a task of collecting the reclaimed product and bringing it back to our storehouse. When the product reaches our storehouse, we will send you a notification on the refund/ shipment of the replacement product. The refund/shipment of the replacement product will be effected within 2-3 days, not later than 14 days. In case this does not happen, please contact us at

In the case packing is damaged, do not go through with the takeover of product, but point out the damaged packing to deliverer and demand that the product gets returned. In case a buyer does not reclaim the damaged packing to a deliverer at the moment of taking over the products, it will be considered that s/he received the products with intact packing.

In case you notice the damage of product after unpacking, preserve the original packing and contact us within 14 days from the date of receiving the goods. In case the return of goods is organized, the product should be packed into its original packing in order to avoid the damage to the product. If the packing is special (e.g. styrofoam or foil), the adequate parts of packing should be fastened in order to protect the product.

We shall try to solve your complaint /reclaim to our mutual satisfaction.

Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes has been valid from 9 January 2016, allowing also the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform at

In the case of unsolved complaints, consumers can solve their consumer disputes through the bodies which are authorized for alternative dispute resolution for consumers in Croatia, pursuant to the Act on Alternative consumer Dispute (Official Gazette of The Republic of Croatia, no. 121/16).


Pursuant to The Consumer Legislation Act, you are entitled to the unilateral breach of contract without stating the reason for such action, which breach has to be effected within a period of 14 days from the date of product delivery, that is from the date of the delivery of the last product stated on the order.

The exception to this entitlement includes the products which, according to the Article 79 of the Consumer Legislation Act, are not subject to the unilateral breach of contract, regarding which fact you will be particularly warned in the actual product offer.

The standard form of unilateral breach of contract can be downloaded here.

You can effect the unilateral breach of contract by using the aforementioned form or by the means of any other unambiguous statement which expresses your will to breach the contract, which statement has to be delivered via a permanent medium.

Your demand to replace an undamaged and functioning product that you have bought will be considered as the unilateral breach of contract. Products (for return or replacement) have to be delivered at Viribus unitis d.o.o., Od puča 34, 20000 Dubrovnik.

In the case of unilateral breach of contract and/or cancellation of an order we shall proceed pursuant to The Consumer Legislation Act, that is pursuant to The General Obligation Act. The return of payment will be effected after we receive the returned goods. You are obliged to return the goods without delay, not later than 14 days from the day you have notified us of the unilateral breach of contract.

According to the Article 77 of Consumer Legislation Act, buyer has to return goods without delay within 14 days from the day s/he has notified us on her/his decision to unilaterally breach the contract, and is responsible for direct expenses related to the return of goods, in case of exercising the said right to unilateral breach of contract. In case a buyer wants so, s/he can contact Viribus unitis d.o.o. at email, with the aim of learning the ways, options, and conditions of returning the goods. You are kindly asked to pack a product into its original packing, in order to avoid the damage of product. In case of specific packing (such as styrofoam and foil) the adequate parts of packing have to be fastened for the sake of product’s protection.

Pursuant to Article 77 of Consumer Legislation Act, buyer is responsible for any depreciation of a bought product, which resulted from using a bought product, except in the case when it was necessary to establish the character, features, and functionality of goods which is the prescribed obligation of buyer in the case of unilateral breach of contact within the legally prescribed period of 14 days.

Viribus unitis d.o.o. informs the customers that, in regards to every returned product, it will determine the depreciation of bought product in relation to damage of packing i.e. damage of product that is not caused by checking the product’s functionality and, that it will inform the buyer on the above said after receiving a returned product.

On the occasion of the takeover, in relation to the unilateral breach of contract within the legally prescribed period of 14 days, Viribus unitis d.o.o. recommends the following:

– A depiction of product presents the general appearance of product and its usage, along with the presentation of product as envisaged by the manufacturer. Depiction does not present the details of a product that is delivered to the buyer, for which reason Viribus unitis d.o.o. recommends buyer
to study in detail the product’s characteristic as they are stated in the offer at Viribus unitis d.o.o. webpage, and to do so during the selection of product.

– In case packing is damaged, do not proceed with a product takeover but point out the package damage to deliverer and demand that a product gets returned to Viribus unitis d.o.o.. IF BUYER DOES NOT RECLAIM THE PACKING DAMAGE TO DELIVERER AT THE MOMENT OF PRODUCT’S TAKEOVER, IT WILL BE CONSIDERED THAT BUYER HAS RECEIVED A PRODUCT WITH INTACT PACKING.

– In case you establish the damage of product after opening the packing, preserve the original packing and, within 14 days from the receipt of goods, contact Viribus unitis d.o.o. If Viribus unitis d.o.o. organizes a transport of goods for the purpose of return, the buyer has to pack a product in its original packing, to avoid damaging a product. In case packing is specific (i.e. styrofoam and foil) the adequate parts of packing should be fastened for the sake of product’s protection.

– In case packing is intact and you have gone through the takeover a product, carefully remove the packing with as little damaging of packing as possible, since damaged packing depreciates a product.

– Carefully inspect a product, its character, features, and functionality but do not use or handle a product if you intend to exercise your legal right to breach of contract since any further handling depreciates a product.

In case a buyer orders goods and refuses to pay those without reason (i.e. packing is intact), Viribus Unitis d.o.o. retains the right to compensate direct costs of returning a product against the price of the product. Viribus Unitis d.o.o. is responsible for material faults of the products it sells on its webpage, in accord to the laws, especially The General Obligation Act of The Republic of Croatia.

The notification on the status of returned products and the refund will be sent to the buyer within 10 days via email. The refund of monies will be effected not later than 5 days from the date a buyer was sent the previously mentioned notification.

The right to the unilateral breach of contract is null in several cases, as prescribed by the law. Integral information related to the right of buyer regarding the unilateral breach of contract can be found on this link.