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Thank you for visiting Gastro & Gift Shop Terra Croatica. We are proud that you have chosen Bural Products – our own Dubrovnik-based brand for textile and home accessories.

Born in Dubrovnik, Bural is true to its name which – in Dubrovnik’s local dialect – means chest or drawer.

Bural products make ideal gifts for everyone: family, friends and, last but not least, yourself. The story of Bural tells of the extraordinary collaboration between various designers, factories, and masters of textile crafts. Bural is an authentic Croatian product, complying with the latest global trends. Eco-friendly and reusable, playful and versatile, Bural unites traditional and modern features with high-quality production standards. To cut a long story short: Bural is the ideal gift for many occasions. And for all those that believe that all-things-home should be both practical and attractive.

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