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As the story goes, people and things form Dubrovnik like to travel around the world. Once upon the times, they travelled with caravans, to east and west, and sailed the seven seas under the flag of the pored Dubrovnik Republic. The times of travels which lasted for many long months are behind us today. Hundreds of thousand of visitors fly or sail to Dubrovnik every year., to admire and enjoy its cultural and natural beauties. Many wish to take something with them which is more than a photo or mere souvenir. Bural products is exactly such a thing: reusable, light, portable and versatile. Bural is ready to travel around the world with you at any time!


Bural products make ideal gifts for everyone: family, friends and, last but not least, yourself. The story of Bural tells of the extraordinary collaboration between various designers, factories, and masters of textile crafts. Bural is an authentic Croatian product, complying with the latest global trends. Eco-friendly and reusable, playful and versatile, Bural unites traditional and modern features with high-quality production standards. To cut a long story short: Bural is the ideal gift for many occasions. And for all those that believe that all-things-home should be both practical and attractive.


Nothing beats a warm and cozy home. And when it comes to home, everyone knows that details matter! Bural products simply radiate the irresistible Mediterranean charm that will infuse your favorite nooks with that peculiarly warm light of Southern Croatia. Whether it’s a dining hall, a kitchen or any other place in your home, Bural products will bring joy to both you and your guests. Pleasing the touch and eye, truly practical and yet playful, Bural brings a smile to your home!


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