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Tote Bags / Join us for Adventure


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Every trip is an adventure, but some more than others. Dubrovnik is one of those places that hides adventure and story in every nook, every stone, every tile. Why not take your Dubrovnik adventure with you, everywhere you go? Bural tote bags provide a special storage place for all your precious, adventurous and dream-like moments. Made from the same high-quality organic cotton canvas all the other Bural products, our tote bags are versatile and can serve a hundred purposes. Bural tote bags are a great fashion accessory for a leisure downtown stroll, as they will carry books and groceries with the same charm and elegance. Practical uses of tote bags know but a few limits. Convenient and spacious, they can be easily transformed into a storage for home or kitchen utensils, perhaps toys or maybe those little house items that have a habit of ending everywhere. Eco-friendly, machine washable and durable, Bural tote bags are destined to become your all-seasons, evergreen accessory.

Material: 100% cotton

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Weight 0,25 kg
Dimensions 46,5 × 35 cm