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Retro Postcard Set / Kitchen Towel


TEČAJ: 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK SKU: 1505 Categories:


From a quick wipe after washing your hands, to cleaning up spills, covering freshly baked bread and more, kitchen towels are endlessly useful and, rather often, in short supply. Bulk up your stock and infuse a bit of retro Dubrovnik chic into your cooking and dining space with this Bural kitchen towel. Its neutral color palette makes a great counterpoint to other more lively Bural kitchen linen products. Designed in understated, calming colors, this towel is subtly showcasing some of Dubrovnik’s most famous symbols. Sure to slot into almost any decor, Retro Postcard kitchen towels make a great combo with other Bural kitchen linen, especially glove, holder, bread basket and apron, that feature the same retro design and earthy, coffee colors. Made from same high-quality unbleached organic cotton, durable, washable and versatile, this Bural Retro Postcard kitchen towel is a sure bet for your kitchen in style.

Material: 100% cotton

Additional information

Weight 0,20 kg
Dimensions 50 × 67 cm