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Kitchen Towels / Dubrovnik Sunny Trio (red)


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The most basic of all kitchen linens, towels have to be durable, versatile and attractively designed, all at once. Bural kitchen towels are all that, and more. Made from the same high-quality unbleached organic cotton as all the other Bural products, they will gracefully serve every possible kitchen purpose, wipe up the gallons of the spill and dry countless dishes. Bural kitchen towels are absorbent, durable and affordable, made to last. Great to hold, nice to see, they come in three eye-catching colors with the original design drawings, that were inspired by the magical beauty of Dubrovnik. Bural kitchen towel is not one of those towels you want to hide behind the kitchen counter, on contrary. Whether hanged on their own loop or used as napkins, they will keep on bringing joy into your kitchen and dining room. These indispensable kitchen towels guarantee you’ll enjoy the years of use, in style.

Material: 100% cotton

Additional information

Weight 0,25 kg
Dimensions 50 × 70 cm